Past Workshops

Past Events & Photo Workshops

Tuscany - May 2023

The classic landscapes of Tuscany always treat our lenses to amazing Spring images.

Madeira Landscape Tour - April 2023

Dubbed “The Hawaii of Europe” Madeira is stunning rich island of dramatic landscapes.

Iceland South Coast Tour - March 2023

Iceland offers a wide range of dramatic landscapes which look amazing in winter.

Venice Carnival Ballet & Ball Gowns Workshop - Feb 2023

Our regular Venice Carnival Ballet & Ball Gowns workshop bring a unique set of creative images to life.

Venice Carnival Photography Workshop - Feb 2023

Our regular Venice Carnival trip brings the vibrancy of the carnival to our cameras.

Tuscany Landscape Workshop - October 2022

Tuscany in the Autumn offers a very different landscape to Spring with beautiful sunsets over gentle undulating hills with mist in the valleys.

Madeira Landscape Workshop - September 2022

Madeira is a photographers paradise with dense tropical forest, volcanic mountain ranges and incredible sea stacks.

Valencia Architecture Workshop - September 2022

Valencia offers arguably the best complex of modern architecture in Europe.

Tuscany Landscape Workshop - May 2022

Tuscany in the Spring offers a glorious landscape with beautiful sunrises over gentle undulating hills with mist in the valleys.

Valencia Architecture Workshop - May 2022

Valencia offers arguably the best complex of modern architecture in Europe.

Angelsey and North Wales Landscape Workshop - April 2022

Snowdonia and the Isle of Anglesey provides a rich array of landscape opportunuties as well as amazing landscapes.

Ballet & Ball Gowns at the Venice Carnival - February 2022

A trip back to Venice was longer overdue and with the Carnival cancelled in 2021 we met with old friends and came together to create some amazing ballet and dance images set against the iconic Venice.

Night Photography Workshop - November 2021

I took a small group of photographers around London teaching and shooting night photography. centrered around the Thames and the colourful Soho area.

London Underground Photo Explore - October 2021

So many people travel through the London Underground without noticing the amazing subteranian architecture. With a preplanned tour, we seek out these amazing spots.

Long Exposure Workshop - September 2021

I took a small group of photographers around London teaching and shooting long exposures.

Beginner Mentoring & Tuition - November 2020

Beginner mentoring and tuition in Oxford. New photographer wanted to learn new techniques 1-2-1.

Brutalist Ballet - September 2020

Photo Dance workshop set against the angular concrete of London’s South Bank.

Dance 1-2-1 Tuition - August 2020

Spent a great day down on the south coast in Brighton and a local viaduct shooting ballet and dance photography with a student.

Ballet & Ball Gowns - July 2020

Workshop shooting dance and ball gowns around London’s most iconic locations. 

Venice Carnival Ballet & Ball Gowns Weekender - February 2020

Always my favourite workshop of the year. Venice… The carnival… An amazing model and dancer… plus of course a selection of creative gowns. Add in a great group of keen photographers and we had the best trip to Venice. 

Ball & Ball Gowns - September 2019

2 workshopsin the same day shooting ballet with some amazing ball gowns around iconic London.

London Underground Photo Explore - August 2019

I have always been intrigued by the architecture of the London Underground, and having moved to London in 2018, I explored more and planned a route around some of its best central and suburban locations.

Low cost studio lighting - June 2019

How to setup a home studio on a budget, using low cost speedlites, reflectors, small softboxes, etc. Also working in a small space such as a garage or lounge space.

London Underground Photo Explore - August 2018

This was a hot day on the underground! This is a new workshop taking in the best of the London Underground, its tunnels, stations and architecture.

Welsh Beach Workshop - July 2018

A wind swept beach that goes on for mile and mountains in the background, a model in a bright red ball gown with long fabric flowing in the wind. Great ingredients for this amazing workshop.

Architecture photography workshop in London - July 2018

Over many years I have developed a photo walk taking in many of London’s best architecture and the best places to shoot them from.

Fine art beach workshop - June 2018

Our workshop brings a slightly different theme to your photography. Working with our professional model and a selection of ball gowns and other outfits we created some amazing beach shots.

Venice Carnival Workshop - February 2018

This really has become my favourite workshop. Not only the amazing Venice, not only the spectacular carnival, but our own model as well. We had a small but excellent group on this workshop.

Studio Lighting Demo - September 2017

Tonight I’ve been asked to deliver a studio lighting demo to a local group of photographers. First half we demo’d studio lighting, techniques and lighting types. Second half we brought in a portrait model for the photographers to take some photos.

Urbex Nudes - August 2017

Combining popular urban exploration with gritty nudes is a winning combination. But getting permission for urbex photography is difficult. Today we had two different derelict buildings and a nude model. Great weather and some amazing smashed up plant machinery also combined to make this a great workshop.

Urban Nudes in Prague - July 2017

Nudes in public places are not easy to achieve in the UK, but in Prague its much easier. Our weekend workshop also took in the sights of this amazing city and together with three photography workshops over the weekend including urbex, urban, and location nudes we created an amazing weekend of photography. All nudes in public were done in secluded areas and careful not to offend anyone.

Fallen Angel - June 2017

A darker side… masks, a fallen angel, messed up make-up and fake blood. This was a popular workshop.

Multi-location workshop - May 2017

A full day of photography. First we started with our model Jessica in a large ball gown on horse back, next we used an old railway carriage to do some art nudes, then we moved to a derelict building (formerly an old shoe factory) where we used the ball gown again together with the vast expanse of the factory floor and the old cage lift.

Venice Carnival Workshop - February 2017

Our first workshop of the year takes us to Venice for the famous Carnival. Three days of amazing colourful characters all begging to be photographed in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Photo trip to Krakow - December 2016

Our first overseas photography workshop takes us to Krakow. A mix of old buildings, history, Christmas Markets with amazing street food and the infamous Auschwitz camps all make for an amazing weekend trip. The city itself survived pretty much intact in WWII and today is a beautiful city, but the nearby site at Auschwitz has a painful past which can be difficult to photograph. But the locals want visitors to come. They want visitors to respectfully photograph and tell the world what happened here.