Madeira Landscape Photography Workshop & Holiday: Autumn 2024

Date & Time

19-26 October 2024

Deposit / Full Price

£390 / £1677

What's Included

7 nights 4 star hotel, breakfast, transport in Madeira, airport pickup and return*, guidance, tuition, wine tasting, walking tour

What's Excluded

Food and drink not mentioned, insurance, flights or transport to Madeira

Typical Group Size


Fitness Level

Medium. There will be a few long walks and rocky locations

Trees Planted Per Place Sold

Tutor / Guide

Steven Gosling
Madeira photography workshop and tour

See many more examples of photos taken on numerous previous trips down the page…

Madeira Landscape Photography Workshop & Holiday: Autumn 2024

Availability: 3 PLACES AVAILABLE
Deposit / Full Price: £390 / £1677

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Locally called the “Hawaii of Europe”, join us for a photographic holiday adventure around the rain forests, mountains, valleys, sea stacks, waterfalls, volcanos, and ancient forests of the dramatic landscape of Madeira

Madeira photography tour, Madeira photo holiday, Madeira photographic workshop

Photograph the amazing volcanic mountain peaks of Madeira

Pico Ruivo soaring to 1865m, offers amazing photography across the whole of Madeira. Close to the peak are a number of hidden silvered dead trees creating amazing knarled shapes which are ripe for our cameras.

At a height of 1818m, Pico do Areeiro soares above the cloud line for amazing sunsets. The rain forests on the lower slopes are often coated in mist creating wonder ethereal images. Easy parking and access to various view points makes photography easy on this peak.

Amazing sea stacks draped in sunrise colours

Madeira features many amazing sea stacks. The stacks at Janela are perfectly placed. With the sunrising behind producing incredible colours and once above the horizon can back light the crashing waves. More drama with the rough sea crashing over the rocks, and large boulders scatter the beach for stunning foregrounds. Long exposures can produce smooth seas creating a different look. There are several different view points around these stacks for creating a variety of images.

Madeira photography tour, Madeira photo holiday, Madeira photographic workshop
Madeira photography tour, Madeira photo holiday, Madeira photographic workshop

Photograph the ethereal Fanal Forest

The Laurissilva Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of Madeira’s most sacred and protected natural treasures. This ancient forest spends the majority of its life surrounded in mist, producing fairy tale mysterious knarled trees, some dating back over 500 years. The foggy environment means the trees drip with moss and tiny flora, allowing us to create amazing images.

Walking Tour of Old Funchal – Included

We will spend a few hours with a local guide in old Funchal. Visiting the beautiful painted doors that make Rua Santa Maria and the Old Town a unique outdoor gallery. We will learn about the history of the island, the old fort, court house, sculptures, flooding, and the local drink of Poncha.  We will also visit the wonderful Mercado dos Lavradores (Farmers’ Market) with its vibrant local produce, flowers and fish market. The tour is included in the workshop price.

Wonderful Maderia Wine Tasting – Included

Across the valley from our hotel is an independently owned vineyard where we can relax and sample the amazing wines made on the lush mountain side. The wine tasting is included in the workshop price.

Madeira photography tour, Madeira photo holiday, Madeira photographic workshop

Your 4 star spa hotel accommodation in Madeira

Our hotel is located in the Laurissilva Forest – a World Heritage Site – above São Vicente. A wonderful 150 year old inn-style country house, with comfortable en-suite rooms, private balcony, many with amazing views across the valley. Breakfast is included. The hotel also has a cellar bar with billiards and open fire, restaurant, spa, sauna, hot tub, gym, terraces, crazy golf, free wifi and swimming pool. The location is perfect for reaching all the best locations with minimal travel.

All rooms are doubles for single occupancy. We offer £120 per person discount to couples or 2 people sharing a room.

What makes this such a great Madeira photography workshop?

Autumn is a fantastic season to photograph the volcanic magnificence of the Madeiran landscape. The days are normally warm and dry but the cool nights can bring morning mist in the mountains. The golden sunrises and sunsets spread out across wide expanses of land, sky and sea. A lush green and rugged mountain landscape, deep valleyed rain forests, tall sea stacks, light houses, forests of eucalyptus trees, waterfalls, misty woodlands, clear emerald seas, and mottled sunlight racing across the mountain landscape can be breath taking… Creating beautiful images ripe for our cameras. Whilst most of the island is green and lush, the eastern peninsular is dry and barren with high cliffs and often high waves crashing over the rugged seascape.

From our base in São Vicente we’ll explore in all directions and discover some of the most beautiful locations in Madeira.

Our days can be long and full, starting before sunrise and ending after sunset so we can take full advantage of the best light of the day. There isn’t a fixed daily itinerary for this tour as we take each day as it comes in terms of the weather and light and choose locations accordingly. Our locations can include Pico Ruivo, Porto Moniz, Janela, Ponta do Pargo Light house, Ponta do Bode, São Lourenco, Furna, Guindaste, Fanal Forest, Pico Areeiro, Seixal and more. Expect to visit some locations several times. We don’t rush around the island, we take time to create the best images.

Madeira photography tour, Madeira photo holiday, Madeira photographic workshop
Madeira photography tour, Madeira photo holiday, Madeira photographic workshop

Why book with us in Madeira?

I spent a good part of my childhood on family holidays in Madeira, visiting twice every year. More visits as an adult and after a gap of a few years I started returning as a photographer. With tens of years of exploring the island, together with leading multiple Madeira photography workshops, plus my partner speaks Portuguese and she is amazing at extracting unique locations that only the locals know about. I also have contacts with local photographers on the island who share local knowledge with me. I can guarantee my knowledge of the island and its photo locations will take you to amazing places others photo trips never visit or know about!

One example is a waterfall where most people have a three hour round trip walk to view it, but as I know the landowner, I am allowed to use their access road and we can park right next to the waterfall!

Workshop Approach

Before taking any photos we will look at how the landscape presents itself, how the weather and light sits and how it may move and change. We’ll consider the best framing and how to experiment with different ideas and view points, picking out different elements of the landscape and using them to best effect. We are on hand at all times to offer help and advice about composition and technique to help you get the very best from every location.

There will be occasional downtime during the day with the flexibility to either rest or do your own thing, or discuss image critique, editing and feedback. I can talk photography all day!

Our trips are structured for photographers of all photo abilities; For those that are beginners or want additional help, we provide assistance, evaluation and guidance throughout from an experienced landscape and travel photographer. For experienced photographers, you have the benefit of joining a workshop with a guide with excellent local knowledge. We want photographers of all abilities to leave the workshop with an amazing array of quality images to be proud of.

Transport during the workshop is in a spacious comfortable air-conditioned people carrier.

End of workshop photo review

On the last afternoon or evening of the trip we will have a photo review. Everyone brings around 4 or 5 edited images to show the group. We can then offer joint feed back and editing advice. I appreciate not everyone may bring laptops for editing, so SOOC images are also fine.

Access to Private Members Facebook group

We also have a private Facebook group where members can join and post images for feedback and I answer questions and give help and advice.

Madeira photography tour, Madeira photo holiday, Madeira photographic workshop

Photography Learnings

Over the duration of the workshop we will work on various photography subjects and elements, including:

  • Working with available light
  • Composition techniques
  • Appropriate camera settings
  • Exposure and use of the histogram
  • Depth of field and focusing
  • Shooting at sunrise and sunset
  • ICM and multiple exposures
  • Use of filters
  • Use of tripod
  • Long exposure
  • Landscape techniques
  • Seascape techniques

Workshop highlights…

  • Photograph many of the highlights of Madeira and more…
  • Vast local knowledge gives you access to little known locations
  • Wine tasting trip at an independent vineyard
  • Walking tour of old Funchal
  • Daily tuition from a professional photographer
  • Daily photo reviews and critique
  • 4 star hotel incl. breakfast, all local transport and pickup
  • Social time with other like minded photographers
  • Experienced travel and landscape photographer, knows the best spots to shoot

Our workshop is for you if…

  • You’re an amateur photographer of any ability who wants to improve your technical and creative skills
  • You’re an advanced or Pro photographer looking to expand your portfolio with new and different images
  • You’re a competitive camera club member and looking to create amazing winning images
  • You want to spend a week with like minded photographers

Madeira Landscape Photography

The dramatic Maderian landscape offers many opportunities for amazing landscape photography. Here’s a few examples of images from previous visits. The rough seas can produce some superb opporuities to freeze the crashing waves, back lit by the rising sun, and for stunning long exposure to blur waves. We have sets of ND filters and holders for you to borrow during the workshop if needed.

Madeira Fanal Forest Photography

The Fanal Forest at 1150m above sea level is simply incredible. The flora, the mist, the light, the trees, all change very rapidly. No two visits reveal the same images.