Creating cryptic passwords that are easy to remember

Written By Steven

On 10 December 2020

Protecting your valuable photography logins

Password hacking and data breaches seems to hit the head lines with more regular frequency. Choosing a cryptic password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess to tricky.

Here’s a great method that allows you to personalise a password:

Lets take this as an example: 0mwTw1pA$bs

How do you remember what appears to be a bunch of random characters. You can break this down into a phrase that only you would know.

Such as: on my way to work I pass an expensive bike shop

Change a few things such as the letter o for 0 and change the word expensive for a $ dollar symbol and capitalise a few of the words:

0n my way To work 1 pass An $ bike shop > 0mwTw1pA$bs

This creates a password that is pretty much impossible to guess and very difficult to hack.

Next if you password was breached, is if the same for all the web sites you use?

Next try adding an extra 2 characters to the end of the password referencing the website. For example, your Gmail account may have GM added:


What if your username is your email address? Which may be the same everywhere? How do you secure that? Well you can’t very easily, but if you are a Gmail user, you can add extra characters to your email address and those emails are still delivered to your inbox. Here’s how:

Lets say your email address is myname@gmail.com. You can add a + after the name together with some extra characters such as myname+gm@gmail.com. You can add more than two.

This creates a different email for every site, together with a unique password only for that site which should be easy to remember. Not all web sites will allow the + symbol but most do.

If you want to find if your email address and password has been breached, take a look here: https://haveibeenpwned.com/

The results are a bit scary and it will show you the password you used for hundreds of sites!

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